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We want you to have a healthy smile
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New Patients

Our focus is on preventative dentistry and we want to work with you to minimise dental disease so that you retain your natural teeth for life.

Prior to your first visit you will be sent an information pack about our services. On your arrival, our staff will help you complete a form which covers some basic details, including your medical and dental history.

Your dentist will then conduct an initial consultation, often supplemented with dental X-rays, to determine how healthy your mouth is.

This is a comprehensive examination and assessment, which includes the following:

• Your teeth will be checked for decay and wear.

• We check your gums for bleeding and ‘pocketing’.

• Your other oral soft tissues are checked for abnormalities such as ulcers and lumps.

• We check your bite for wear and adequate function.

• The dentist may take X-rays to view areas that cannot be seen clinically.

• If you have a specific problem, we may need to undertake other tests.

The dentist will then discuss any concerns you have about your oral health, including cosmetic issues such as how you feel about your smile.

With all this information, the dentist will then decide if any treatment is necessary and, if so, discuss the options with you. This will include a full explanation of what is involved, how long it will take and how much it will cost as well as what the expected outcomes are. You will always be given a written treatment plan and be asked to sign it before any treatment commences.

Please telephone us for further details, an information pack and an appointment.

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