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Our Policy

Terms and Conditions for Independent Dental Care

The number of missed appointments and appointments cancelled at the last minute for independent patients is now running at 1 in 5 patients. This is resulting in a significant amount of wasted surgery time. The consequence of this is that courses of treatment are taking longer to finish and waiting times for appointments are increasing. In order to address this problem it has become necessary to introduce the following terms and conditions. Any patient wishing to receive dental treatment will need to agree to these terms and conditions in order to be accepted for treatment from this practice.

Missed Appointments

Patients who fail to keep an appointment without giving us 48 hours notice will be charged £15 for each 15 minutes allocated for that appointment. Routine examinations are allocated 15-30 minutes and treatments are allocated from 30minutes to 2 hours. An equivalent deposit will be required for any appointments of an 30 minutes or over.  Any fees incurred through a missed appointment will need to be paid BEFORE any further appointments will be made.

Short Notice Cancellations

We accept that there are occasions when it becomes necessary to cancel an appointment at short notice. For patients who cancel their appointment without 48 hours notice we reserve the right to charge for the cancellation at the same rates as above. Please ensure that you telephone the surgery to advise of a cancellation. Whilst we fully appreciate that no-one comes to the dentist when they are ill or suffering a severe emotional disturbance please ask a friend or relative to telephone the surgery to let us know you will be unable to attend your appointment. There is an answerphone for out of hours calls. We feel that the circumstances in which it is not possible to telephone us to let us know that an appointment cannot be kept are very few.

Chargeble Items

Patients must pay for all chargeable items received at that visit.  Any treatment involving the provision of laboratory items e.g. crowns and bridges will require payment at the start of the treatment (with the exception of dentures which can be paid in three instalments, the final payment being paid on the day of the try in, not the fit). We are not licensed credit brokers and cannot allow payments for treatment provided to be paid in instalments.

In the event of late payment, we hold the right to add legal fees, debt collector charges and commission, and our own administrative costs.

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