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If you have a missing tooth or teeth we can fit a permanent replacement called a bridge – because it bridges a gap. A bridge comprises the false tooth or teeth and crowns on the teeth either side. Often, the natural teeth either side of the gap are used to secure the bridge. Alternatively, an implant or implants may support the bridge.

These days the false tooth or teeth are available in different materials and we will discuss with you which is most suitable. So that the false tooth/teeth match the shape and colour of your natural teeth and so that the bridge is a perfect fit, each bridge is specially made by the dental laboratory we use.

At your first visit we prepare the teeth either side of the gap, take impressions for the dental laboratory and install a temporary acrylic bridge to protect your exposed gums. When the permanent bridge has been made we arrange for you to visit and have it fitted. We make sure it fits perfectly and is comfortable before permanently fixing it in place.

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