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Although this is the common term for a visit to the hygienist, the procedure is actually much more involved. For a start, hygienists, including ours, undertake lengthy training and, like dentists, must be registered with the General Dental Council before they can practise in the UK.

Their expertise focuses on the use of range of special tools to give your teeth a professional clean. They remove the plaque deposits, which contain harmful bacteria, and the tartar or build-up of calcium – a bit like limescale in a kettle. Tartar encourages bacteria to thrive and this can cause gum infection.

Even diligent oral hygiene maintenance at home – such as we recommend – is unlikely to prevent the build-up of plaque and tartar which is why regular visits to a hygienist are important. Also, by using special tools and techniques, our hygienists reach the parts of your mouth that you can’t.

At the end of the treatment your teeth will be smooth and shiny and your mouth will feel, well, ‘zingy’!

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