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Teeth Whitening

Some time ago, the General Dental Council confirmed that teeth whitening could only legally be carried out by dental professionals registered with them. There have been successful prosecutions of people illegally doing tooth whitening in, for example, beauty salons.

The reason for this is that a dentist must examine your teeth to ensure that tooth whitening is suitable and appropriate.

We use the well-known professional strengths of Optident & Philips Zoom process which works in just one hour – many other systems take weeks or months to achieve results. Philips Zoom can make your teeth up to six shades whiter (a change of just two or three shades can make a noticeable difference to your smile) and lasts for a long time – no tooth whitening is permanent because teeth naturally grow darker as they age and are affected by lifestyle.

Incidentally, if you are having a bridge or an implant fitted, we may ask if you want your teeth whitened first so the new false tooth can be coloured to match.

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